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Dec 1999, Month 87: Skied Southern California's Big Bear, Snow Summit, and Snow Valley. They've had as much natural snow as Death Valley this year; zero.
Was quite impressed with what they were able to do with machine snow. I thought SoCal too litigious for such fun, big launches in the middle of runs. There were lots of great gullies, and each resort had it's own fun personality. Most chairs were open.

Nov 26th: The Bird's the word since Snowbird opened yesterday. Quite a crowd enjoying the spring-like conditions this last week of November. A lot of excitement in the air for the upcoming 6 or 7 months of snow fun. Ran into a bunch of friends who were partaking of the holiday weekend. It's been a couple months since I've been on a chairlift--feels good! The ski conditions weren't great, but it sure beats hiking for turns.

Oct 23rd, at Park City: The resort probably won't open until mid-November. Had to make two attempts before I could ski the man-made snow on CB's Run. I was stopped the first time--something about illegal trespass. Had to come back at dusk, but by that time some of the early season grooming turned into frozen death ruts. The top third was smooth and fun. Besides, it's the only skiable snow in the mountains at the moment.

Went this year with a good friend, George Thomsen. Timberline at Mt. Hood was incredible this Labor Day weekend! There was so much leftover snow that we could almost ski right to the lodge. It even snowed a couple days before we arrived.
With the new Palmer
"Quad-burner" chair (my nickname for it), you can rack enough vertical to get quad quiver quick, if you wish. The weather was picture perfect, the snow supreme and really fast. Until you go, you can't imagine how good it really is.

Aug: Just skied Snowbird. Still enough snow right below 'Pipeline Bowl' near 'Rock Garden' to get about 60 turns per run. Haven't been able to ski this shot during August since 1993. I'll be skiing the chairs at Mt. Hood on Labor Day weekend. As always--the best snow on the whole continent at the moment.

July: Skied lower Alta on the 4th of July weekend. Still plenty of snow, even though the chairs haven't been running for almost 3 months. Hot July day, even at 9,000 feet.

June 5th: Snowbird's last day. What a surprise! Rich, Lyness, and I wish we had started earlier because the snow was so perfect. Smooth, sugary consistency everywhere. Skied in the clouds all day, only 3-chair visibility at times.

May 15th, Month 80: Snowed all day. 6" new last night and another 6" during the day. What a day! Pow turns everywhere we went. Fine May treat! We could hear whoops and yells from powder demons everywhere. Did a dozen runs on the tram and chairs.

April 17th: Mt. Baker, Washington. What a breathtaking, isolated glacier. The ski resort is so remote they don't even have phone lines--communication is by ham radio.
There is one spot, usually out-of-area, where you ski over 2 dead bodies (one from this season and one from last) that haven't been recovered because of the record snowfall this year. The head of ski patrol told me they are buried beneath 100 feet of snow.

March 8th: Snowbasin with Pat McDermott. No new snow, but plenty of mach-speed cruising. Surprising how much the new chairs, gondolas and tram improve the whole experience here. The Basin's alot more interesting now. The 2002 downhill run is killer! I predict that unless they remove a couple of big trees on the hairpin turns, we're going to watch some horrific Olympic crashes come showtime in 2002.

February 10th: Taos, New Mexico, with Mark Cobble, my fellow ski club buddy from Peoria, Illinois. He convinced me to join the Peoria Ski Club. Mostly because we don't have any good ski clubs in Utah, believe it or not.
I have always wanted to ski Taos. It has quite a reputation. Good mountain. It's the same acreage as Solitude ski resort, but with Alta's vertical drop. We both agreed that it's fun for a day or two, but not enough to keep our interest beyond that.

January 16th, '99:
What can I say? The best day I've skied at Whistler/Blackcomb. We absolutely caught the mountains just right. Over 3 feet of new, with just enough fog to keep the crowds away. The most incredible day for vertical, steeps, powder, and fun that I've experienced outside of Snowbird. Too bad the top of the mountain is only 7,000 feet. If this place had Utah or Colorado's elevation, it would be the premier ski experience of the world. On days like this, it is anyway.

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