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World Record Ski Streak--Most continuous weeks AND months of alpine skiing ever recorded ©

Powder Magazine, Dec 2002
SKI Mag, October 2002

Salt Lake Tribune July, 2002 Snowbird Magazine: 2000-01 Winter issue

Sportsguide, Aug 1998 Deseret News, July 1998

SKI Magazine, May 1998 SKI Mag, May '94

Sportsguide, 1994 Deseret News, Aug 1993

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As with any claim of a first ascent, descent, invention or discovery,
proper documentation determines the record.
It is theoretically possible that there may be some individual in the Alps or Alaska who has skied more continuous
months, just as there may be some unknown native in deep, dark Africa who is truly the fastest runner in the world.
Long-term records involving other types of skiing may exist (such as telemarking, skate-skiing,
or cross-country-- forms of skiing considered separate disciplines in the Olympics, World Cups, etc).
However, the required documentation for the
alpine, or downhill, records described
in have been provided to publishers for over a decade.
The burden of proof for any other long-term record challenge falls upon the claimant.